The annual BunnyBots competition is one of the highlights of the FRC off-season for teams in the PNW. Because we believe the best way to learn to build a robot is to build a robot, BunnyBots provides a seperate build season in the fall to help make FIRST more of a year-round activity. Each year, 1540 alumni, mentors, and a few students design the rules for an original game and provide the primary volunteer force to run the event. Learning those skills in the fall, when the stakes are lower and time more relaxed, is a great way to get ready for the Winter build season.  The result is a less chaotic build season with robots built more by students and less by mentors, with full participation by first-year members.  For many students, this is their first experience making a FRC-quality robot.

BunnyBots 2017

BunnyBots 2017, "Hide and Seek," took place December 9th. The game is played by two alliances of three robots each on a FRC-sized field. During setup, each alliance places 10 stuffed bunnies into 20 buckets on their half of the field by hand. They can be as secretive as they like about which of the buckets on their half of the field have bunnies placed in them. After a 15 second autonomous period, the 2:15  teleop period begins. During teleop, robots seek to get as many bunnies as possible in contact with the carpet their half of the field.

Synthesis Competition

The Autodesk Synthesis team is delighted to hold their first video competition, a challenge where teams will be tasked with making a video that features their BunnyBot using the Synthesis simulator in in this year’s BunnyBots challenge. $500 dollars each will be awarded to the two BunnyBots teams who best display their uses of Synthesis. The full rules and submission information can be found HERE.   Learn more about and download Synthesis  HERE.

Synthesis is a FRC game simulator that allows for your teams’ CAD robot models to be paired with your code in a simulated match environment. The software allows you to test your robot design, have driver practice, and test code before completing the manufacturing process.

BunnyBots Event Details

Location: Catlin Gabel School Gymnasium
Address: 8825 SW Barnes Rd. Portland, OR, 97225

Weather permitting the schedule is as follows:

Friday 12/8/17
5:00pm-9:00pm: Optional load-in (recommended for local teams).  Driving practice available starting at 8:00pm.

Saturday 12/9/17
8:00am-9:30am: Load-in continues
8:30am-9:30am: Field open for practice
9:30am: Driver's meeting
10:00am: Competition begins
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Competition resumes
3:00pm: Alliance selection (each alliance has FOUR teams, three play at a time, no timeouts)
3:20pm-4:55pm (ish):  Semifinals and finals
5:00pm (ish): Awards
5:15-6:15pm: clean up and load out.