This is Culla's second year on the robotics team. She works in control systems. Besides robotics she also likes to dance, play tennis, write, and sing.  





This is Hammad's second year on the team. He works in the fabrication department, but plays tennis and soccer in his free time. Since birth, Hammad has loved the swooping melodies and sonorous hooks of Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. 




This is Kobi’s second year on the team. She wants to learn everything she can from robotics. Outside of robotics, she spends her time reading, watching, playing, speculating about, freaking out over, and sometimes creating fictional universes. She wants to become a game designer so that she can create fictional universes and stories professionally. She has a golden retriever named Alby who is very cute.




Liam currently serves as the Media manager of Team 1540, and is looking forward to making new apparel like team snapbacks. Outside of his activities on the team, he enjoys soccer, tennis, and a specific pair of comfy sweatpants. Liam enjoys collaborating with Pepe, his favorite mentor in life, and eatin' up some quality Cinco Hombres.



Marti - Control Systems

This is Marti's first year on the team. She's from Spain. She works in controls and fabrication. Ever since she was a kid she really likes learning new things and chasing adventures. Besides all that, she enjoys technology in general, photography, cinema, reading, music and pets. She might also be loud and annoying. But she LOVES hugs and smiles!




Alexander - Mechanical

As a Sophomore, this is Alexander's first year doing robotics. He really enjoys it and is in the Design and Fabrication department. When he isn't in the lab, he can be found doing Wushu, Chinese Martial Arts, which he is on the USA national team for. Alexander is quite adept at operating the CnC Mill and is soon to be becoming proficient at Cadding.




Andrei - Mechanical, Control systems

This is Andrei's first year on the Flaming Chickens. Andrei enjoys tennis, socialism, politics, current events and engineering.





This is Amber's second year on the team, though she's been coming to the competitions since she was three. Outside of robotics, she enjoys reading, cool math problems, reading, programming, being outdoors, and also reading.



Bailey - Mechanical

This is Bailey’s first year on the team. She is very excited to be on the team, and is a part of the mechanical and control systems departments. Outside of robotics, she enjoys dancing and visual arts.




Ben is a fun sophomore who enjoys being in the lab with great people. As per most team members, minus a select few, Ben has a chronic fear of an overly messy lab. DJBREAK4LIFE. 
Favorite quote:
"I reject your reality, and substitute my own."
- Adam Savage





This is David's second year in robotics and he's very excited to join the team. Outside of the lab David prefers to swim competitively and play video games.




FIN - MECHANICAL, DESIGN, Non-Robot software

Fin has had some experience with robotics before, but this is his first year on Catlin Gabel's team. He works in the fabrication and design departments. Outside of the lab, he enjoys photography, programming and video games.





Hannah loves robotics, running, and hanging out with friends.




Jonathan - Robot software

Jonathan is the kind of person who doesn't know what to put in his bio. Perhaps one day he'll think of something clever. He's probably too busy with robotics, video games, or sleep right now though.





This is Natalie's second year on the FRC team, but she has participated in FLL before. Outside of robotics Natalie enjoys most sports and laughing.





This is Nicholas' second year on the team. He is a part of the mechanical and design departments, and is quite adept at CADing. 




This is Noor's second year on the team. She has a growing interest in fabrication and taking photographs for the team at competitions. Outside of the lab, Noor enjoys playing volleyball. 





After 3 years of FLL and a trip to worlds, Quinn was inspired to join Team 1540. He enjoys pizza, skiing, and robotics. His favorite color is blue. 




Spencer - mechanical

Spencer likes to build and create things.





After three years of FIRST LEGO League and a trip to the world competition, he's excited to be a part of the Flaming Chickens. Tyler is clear, agreeable, nice, and universally necessary for life. If water were a person, that person would be Tyler.





Aarushi - mechanical

This is Aarushi’s first year on team 1540. She did FLL for 3 years in middle school which led her to join the FRC team when she entered high school. She works in the fabrication department, but enjoys tennis, playing the guitar, and sleeping in her free time.




AVery - mechanical

This is Avery’s first year on the Flaming Chickens, but they previously did 4 years of FLL which made them excited to enter FRC in high school. They work in the fabrication department. Outside of robotics, Avery enjoys soccer, reading, music, and tofu.




DYLAN - Non-Robot Software

This is Dylan’s first year on the team. He does nonrobot software. His favorite element is Palladium, favorite subject is computer science, and enjoys card games and philosophy.




KEAN - mechanical, MEDIA, Outreach, chairman's

Kean participates in the Media and Fabrication departments, but his passion is for communism.




Lauren Mei - mechanical, Chairman's

This is Lauren Mei's first year on the Flaming Chickens, and has previously done two years of FLL. She enjoys spending time in the theater, getting 10 hours or more of sleep, and being salty while dissing everyone.





Liam participates in the Media and Fabrication departments, but his passion is for communism.





This is Ruby's first year on Team 1540. She works in the Fab department, but outside of robotics, Ruby enjoys rock climbing, reading, playing piano, and eating seafood.




TRistan - Non-Robot Software

Tristan is in the non-robot software department. He likes to work on his programs while spouting random facts. Tristan enjoys committing every little change to GitHub. "King cobras can eat other snakes, you know" - Tristan 2k17




Zack - Mechanical

This is both Zachary's first year on the team and first year at Catlin. You can typically find him working on something in Fabrication, though he's interested in Design as well. Outside of robotics, Zachary enjoys computer games, tennis, and playing piano.