This is Culla's third year on the robotics team. She works in control systems. Besides robotics she also likes to dance, play tennis, write, and sing.  




HAMMAD - control systems, competitive analysis

Hammad is the solder that solders together the controls department. His radiant attitude and natural ability to keep track of favors owed make him an invaluable member of the team. Outside of robotics Hammad can be found in Oregon. Hammad also enjoys cs and fab but not as much as controls because duh.




This is Kobi’s third year on the team. She wants to learn everything she can from robotics. Outside of robotics, she spends her time reading, watching, playing, speculating about, freaking out over, and sometimes creating fictional universes. She wants to work with virtual reality so that she can create fictional universes and stories professionally. She has a golden retriever named Alby who is very cute.





LIAM - Competitive analysis MANAGER, chairmans

Liam currently serves as the Competitive Analysis manager of Team 1540. Outside of his activities on the team, he enjoys soccer, tennis, and a specific pair of comfy sweatpants. Liam enjoys collaborating with Pepe, his favorite mentor in life, and eatin' up some quality Cinco Hombres.




Alexander - Mechanical Manager, design

As a Junior, this is Alexander's second year doing robotics. Apart from mechanical, Alexander is also the safety manager. You DON'T want to see you walking around the lab without safety glasses. When he isn't in the lab, he can be found training and competing in Wushu, Chinese Martial Arts, as a member of Team USA.






Amber is the north star of the software department, shining brightly to guide the team to success. Her curly brown hair resembles a tumultuous chocolate river which helps give her the confidence to lead her department with grace. She boasts a lofty view of her team members from her noodle-like height. She also dabbles in drive team, and some even say she likes it.




Andrei - Control systems manager, mechanical

Hey kids! Andrei Stoica has been involved in robotics for two years, and it's pretty safe to say that robotics is the only thing that he has going on. Sometimes he likes to play video games, but that only really happens when he's pissed off about Hammad, a member of his department.





Anjali - Community engineering

Anjali is a member of community engineering.








Bailey - control SYSTEMS, Media

Watch as this zesty ginger lights up the robotics lab with her bright smile and a soldering iron. Her good work ethic and contagious humor are a welcome addition to the controls department in her second year on the team. Her fiery hair not only makes her feel like a flaming chicken, but look like one too!








BEn - media manager, mechanical

Ben is the manager of the media department. He enjoys taking photos and making short films. 



DAVID - MECHANICAL manager, design

This is David's third year on the team and he is a member fabrication and design department. His passion for robotics is only eclipsed by his passion for getting SICK VALUE using the Chick-fil-A one app (available on android and IOS) where you can mobile order ahead, earn free treats, have access to a customized menu, and much more. (If you download now you can still take advantage of the 20% bonus points towards treats promotion going on offer expires 12/9/17)





Fin does work in the fabrication and design departments. His favorite color is red. His favorite book is the Communist manifesto, blessed be the fruits. He sees Karl Marx as his personal hero, though he thinks Fredrick Engles is pretty cool too. Fin cannot wait for the unavoidable demise of capitalism and overthrow of the bourgeois, all hail the proletariat!




HANNAH - MECHANICAL manager, Design

This is Hannah's third year on the team. Hannah is a manager of the fabrication department and is heavily involved in design. Outside of robotics, Hannah enjoys running, baking, crocheting, and winning.





Jackson - chairmans, mechanical

Have you heard about the Chik-Fil-A cow? How about the Chik-Fil-A boy? Meet Jackson, the chicken-loving-Chairmen’s-doing boy wonder! Catch a wink from this coy kid, and watch as your heart, and snapchat score, soar!




Jonathan - Robot software

Jonathan is the kind of person who doesn't know what to put in his bio. Perhaps one day he'll think of something clever. He's probably too busy with robotics, video games, or sleep right now though.





Marie - Mechanical, Media

In eleventh grade at Catlin, Marie brings a perky and fun atmosphere to the lab. Marie is a highly accomplished individual. Not only can she drill into a robot, she can sing and take pics at the same time. Look out world! Here comes your next media-robotics it-girl.




NATALIE - MECHANICAL, Non-Robot Software

Natalie is a passionate and involved member of the Flaming Chickens. This is her third year on the team, and she is certified in almost every department. Natalie enjoys most sports and puzzles. When something goes wrong, as it often does, her favorite exclamation is “yikes!“.






You might be wondering what the blinding light in the corner of the lab is- not sparks flying from the metal grinder- it is Nicholas’s sparkling personality! Bright-eyed and eager, Nicholas springs from task to task, ready to meet any challenges posed to him.



NOOR - control systems

Noor is the sweatiest member of the controls department -- her commitment to the team is so intense she doesn't even stop to shower after sports before coming in. Her third year on the team, Noor's smile and extensive passion for LEDs light up the department. Noor is well known for her humble attitude and fetish for zip ties. Other than robotics, Nar can be found swimming with her fellow Whal's in the ocean. Noor's is ecstatic to burn it up with the chickens in Huston this year!




Robert - community engineering

Robert is a Junior and this is his first year on Robotics. He is part of Community Engineering and is working on WashPod with several other students. He is passionate about government, law, science, and the arts. He has worked on the JuiceBox project since the beginning of 2017. He is a leader of the Geopolitical Club at Catlin Gabel, a member of the Mock Trial Team, and a Varsity Tennis player.





solomon - community engineering 

Solomon is a committed, creative member of Team 1540. This is his third year at Catlin Gabel, and his third year on the robotics team. Solomon is excited to take on a leadership position on Team 1540 again this year. He is the WashPod Project Director, JuiceBox Project Co-Founder, and former JuiceBox Project Director. Solomon aims to combine his interests in environmental policy, engineering, social entrepreneurship, and business to contribute to his community.





Spencer - mechanical

Spencer likes to spend his time in the lab fabricating robotic mechanisms. He enjoys CADing, CAMing, and operating machinery.




TYLER - OUTREACH manager, community engineering manager

After three years of FIRST LEGO League and a trip to the world competition, he's excited to be a part of the Flaming Chickens. Tyler is clear, agreeable, nice, and universally necessary for life. If water were a person, that person would be Tyler.






Aarushi - mechanical, Control systems

This is Aarushi's second year on team 1540. She is in the fabrication, controls, and outreach departments. If she ever gets around to it, Aarushi may finally get her design 2 certification. In her free time, Aarushi enjoys chicken wings, hanging out with friends, and music. Aarushi's favorite quote is, "Life is soup but I'm a fork."




Amy - mechanical

In addition to her work in the fabrication department, Amy is accomplished at drawing beautiful diagrams for chemistry. Outside of robotics, Amy enjoys viola, teaching music lessons, science, poetry, and coffee cake. She lives by the mantra “it’s one to one.”


annika - community engineering, mechanical

This is Annika's first year on the team. Outside of robotics, she enjoys soccer.





Audrey - Media, mechanical

Audrey is a sophomore and this is her first year on the team. Outside of school she loves to write poetry and novels, and act and design plays.



AVery - mechanical

This is Avery’s second year on the Flaming Chickens, but they previously did 4 years of FLL which made them excited to enter FRC in high school. They work in the fabrication department. Outside of robotics, Avery enjoys soccer, reading, music, and tofu.







duncan - mechanical

Duncan was too lazy to fill out a 5 minute form to write a bio, but he wasn't too lazy to write a bio about being too lazy to write a bio. He sure is a swell chap.




DYLAN - Non-Robot Software manager

This is Dylan's second year on the team. Dylan knows 100 digits of the square root of 2.





elise - mechanical

This is Elise’s first year in robotics. She works in the fabrication department. She enjoys playing piano, tennis and art.




Ellie - mechanical

This is Ellie's first year on the team. Outside of robotics she enjoys playing volleyball.  





james - mechanical

This is James' first year on the team. He does fabrication, and is interested in design. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing videogames, and going camping.




ezra - non-robot software

Ezra is in his first year of Robotics, and is primarily in the Non-robot software department. When not in the lab, he enjoys playing Soccer and Baseball, as well as doing Search and Rescue with the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office.




Kean - Outreach, mechanical

Kean has been involved with robotics for 4 years (FLL for 2 and FRC for 2). He mainly does outreach along with pneumatics and fabrication. Outside of robotics and school he spends much of his time pursuing his professional Dota 2 career in hopes of becoming a new household name in the eSports community.




Lauren Mei - Chairman's manager, outreach, mechanical

This is Lauren Mei's second year on the Flaming Chickens, and she has previously done two years of FLL. She enjoys spending time in the theater, getting 10 hours or more of sleep, and being salty while dissing everyone.






Liam participates in the Media and Fabrication departments, but his passion is for communism.




Lucy - mechanical

As a sophomore this is Lucy's first year of robotics. If she is not in the lab she can probably be found reading.






RUBY - Control systems

This is Ruby's second year on team 1540. She works in the controls department and outside of robotics, she enjoys reading, rock climbing and eating candy.




TRistan - Non-Robot Software manager

Tristan doesn't know what to write but he has an inspirational quote for everyone: "King cobras eat other sneks, you know." #sneks.





Zack - Robot Software

This is Zack’s second year on the Flaming Chickens. He can usually be found working on robot code, whether inside or outside of the lab. Zack enjoys tennis, chai, and good coding practices.






Daphne - mechanical

This is Daphne’s first year on the flaming chickens. She loves birds, writing poetry, playing piano, and creating art.





Eric - mechanical

This is Eric's first year on the team.




kristin - mechanical

This is Kristin's first year on the robotics team. As a freshmen she works in fabrication and design. On top of robotics she also likes to play lacrosse and be outdoors. Her favorite subjects in school are Math and Science.





mick - mechanical

Mick is a freshman, working primarily in the Fab department. He hopes to clear build season without breaking any important machinery.




Rishi - mechanical

This is Rishi's first year on the team.





tiffany - mechanical

Tiffany, also known as The Tiffinator, is a freshman and a new Flaming Chicken fanatic. She is in the fabrication and outreach departments. Outside of robotics, Tiffany really enjoys taking tests. She is perpetually energetic, enthusiastic, and engaged - in other words, crazy (in a good way). 



8th Grade





Nate - software

When Nate isn't doing robotics, he's probably programming something else, climbing, or playing guitar. Nate is a devoted Linux Penguin and a strong believer that Linux solves problems, not creates them...Sometimes.