Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation 2016 took place on October 15, 2016


In the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) – often called “The Varsity Sport for the Mind” or “The Superbowl of Smarts” – you don’t always see all-male teams out on the playing field while the girls cheer from the sidelines. No, by the field you’ll also find boys waving pom-poms and just as behind the driver station glass you’ll find girls with their hair pulled back, hands on the joysticks, safety goggles donned. If you look in the pits of a competition venue, girls are working frantically around their robots, sleeves rolled up and covered in grease. You’ll find girls and their mentors hooking up electronics, tightening chains, switching out wheels, plugging in pneumatics, testing software. FIRST ladies are everywhere, and they know what they’re doing. No boys allowed (except in an emergency.)

Girls' Generation 2012

Girls' Generation 2012

To emphasize and expand the engineering opportunities FIRST offers for young women around the world, FRC Team 1540 hosts Girls’ Generation; started in the fall of 2010, and in 2012 expanded to Seattle hosted by FRC Team 2046, Bear Metal. Local girls gain the engineering spotlight by taking over all technical roles on their teams for an exciting day of scrimmaging. Last year over 130 girls from 22 FRC teams participated. 

During Girls' Generation, the girls are the drive team, pit crew, and all the other roles on the team. Through it, girls, who are traditionally less likely to go into STEM fields, gain enthusiasm and confidence that lasts throughout the season and beyond. 

Girls' Generation uses last year's FRC competition robot, so no new construction is necessary. If rookie teams wish to participate, contact You may be able to team up with a veteran team and either use their prototype robot or participate on their drive team.

Cost is $250 per robot.  This covers the costs to get the regulation field to Portland and janitorial.

Location: Catlin Gabel School Gymnasium
Address: 8825 SW Barnes Rd. Portland, OR, 97225

FRIDAY Oct 14th
Optional load-in 5:00pm-9:00pm.  If you are from out of town and want to sleep overnight in our minigym, contact Dale Yocum at yocumd (at) catlin (dot) edu to reserve space.


8:00am Pits open
8:30am Field open for practice
9:45am Driver's meeting and Welcome
10:00am Competition Begins
3:00pm Alliance selection (each alliance has FOUR teams, three play at a time, no timeouts)
3:15pm Semi finals and finals
4:45pm(ish) Award Ceremony
5:00pm Load out


Most of these rule changes are adapted from the IRI and ChezyChamps off season events based on what we've learned from this past season.  If not changed below the Stronghold rules from FIRST apply.

  1. The Portcullis, Draw bridge, and Sally Port will not be included.  The Portcullis isn't included by FIRST in off-season events for safety reasons.  Success at the Draw bridge and Sally Port are largely based on driver practice and they obscure the field.  CheesyChamps (the event run by CheesyPoofs in Silicon Valley) also eliminated them.

  2. There are no defense categories.  The field staff will make sure that no defense is repeated on a given side.

  3. Initial tower strength is 10. 

  4. To speed up the rounds, there will be no audience or team selection of defenses.  Low bar is always in position 1.  Field defenses 2-5 will be changed only at breaks in the action selected randomly by the field staff.

  5. A robot contacting the carpet in the opponent's secret passage may not contact opposing robots who are in that passage regardless of who initiates contact.

  6. +5 pound weight allowance to allow for modifications, repairs, etc.

  7. No inspection, teams are on their honor to follow the robot rules laid down by FIRST – however the tournament staff may challenge the safety or legality of a device and may request modifications.

  8. Queuing, ranking and alliance selection done using BunnyBots rules.  This ensures that matches are played with a full compliment of robots and that teams are able to play as often as they are able.  Basically when you are ready to play, you get in line.  Playing more often allows you to accumulate more qualification points.  We'll be using the playoff point values for all matches.  Ranking points don't exist for Girls' Generation Portland.

  9. The elimination matches are played with the traditional best two out of three format.  Four robots per alliance, three playing at a time.