Robot Software

The Software department, managed by Cel, writes the software for our robots and driver station. Software department members are trained in the Java programming language, building their skills during the fall BunnyBot season, before working on our competition code. The department works to create code that makes our drivers' jobs as simple as possible, and allows our robot to fulfill its potential in each year's game.


The Outreach department, managed by Jacob, organizes our team’s outreach and presents about it to judges at the competitions. Our team hosts the Girls' Generation, Rookie Rumble, and BunnyBots offseason competitions, so this department coordinates our team’s involvement in setting up for and running the events. Members write the Chairman’s Award essay, collaborate with the video department to produce the Chairman’s Award video, and present about our team’s work to judges at the competitions we attend.

Competitive Analysis

The Competitive Analysis department, led by Ryan, manages the scouting and data tracking aspects of the team. It is the job of the competitive analysis department to analyze and quantify the potential of the robots we compete against. On the first day of the competition, the team fans out throughout the pit areas with tablets and cameras to take notes on each robot. During competition matches, team members input data on a custom scouting interface. The data is then run through algorithms generated each year for each new challenge. Eventually, the algorithm spits out a ranking score. This score is then compared with subjective comments to create a pick list. The competitive analysis department ultimately plays a huge role in the success of the team because the list is used to pick alliance partners. We enjoy our Red Bull neither shaken nor stirred.

Control Systems

The Control Systems department, managed by Anna and Iris, is responsible for the designing the electronics and wiring the robot. Control Systems works with the Software and Fabrication departments to fit the needs of each robot.


The Marketing department, managed by Jacob and Robin, is responsible for the image of the team, as well as the promotion of FIRST and Team 1540 at any event. Marketing organizes all of Team 1540’s assemblies, designs any team apparel and ultimately organizes any team spirit activities. The marketing department includes the mascot, who makes appearances at different off-season events. Marketing also oversees the manufacturing of the 100s of buttons that our team gives out throughout the year.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering department, co-managed by David, Ben, Jake, Iman, and Adolfo, is responsible for the design and fabrication of our prototype and final robots.  For the first two days of build season, the entire team participates in brainstorming strategies and robot designs. Over the next one or two weeks, teams of around three mechanical engineering department members, each led by a senior leader, design and prototype specific subsystems of the robot. After designs for specific parts of the robot are developed, tested, and integrated into one robot design, the small design teams merge, and all Mechanical Engineering students work to build our prototype, then final, robot.


The Video department, managed by Liam, works closely with the Marketing and Chairman’s departments in order to successfully integrate multimedia into our outreach. The video department creates annual videos such as the Chairman’s video or compilations and highlights to be shown at school assemblies. The department also creates unique videos each year.