BunnyBots Volunteers

BunnyBots is our annual pre-season competition here in the PNW December 30th, 2016.  It's also a homecoming of sorts for our 1540 alumni who take over the various roles on the competition day.  We are looking for volunteers in the following areas, if you can help send a message to Dale Yocum:

Emcee: Marina Dimitrov*

Head Referee: Joe DeBlasio*
Referee: Kelsey Yocum*
Referee: Ben Balden*
Referee: Conner Hansen*
Referee: Collin Strid*
Referee: Mark Van Bergen*
Referee: Anne Gilleland*

Game Announcer: Iman Wahle*

DJ: Iman Wahle*

Queue Manager: Cel Skeggs*
Queue Assistant:

Field Reset Manager: Evan Chapman*

Audio/AV: David Vollum*

Scorekeeper/Score Software: Ryan Selden*

* Confirmed for new date, Dec 30th.