1540 Alumni

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Andie Becker
Undergraduate Institution: Union College
Current Interests And Activities: Photography
Roles While On The Team: Web Manager, Photography Manager
Favorite FRC Experience: Worlds

Hamzah Khan
Undergraduate Institution: Harvey Mudd
Anticipated Major: Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: Entrepreneurship, coding
Roles While On The Team: Outreach Manager, Non-Robot Software Manager

Lukas Stracovsky
Undergraduate Institution: Gap year!
Current Interests And Activities: Travel
Roles While On The Team: Fabrication

Peter Smith
Undergraduate Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Anticipated Major: Physics
Roles While On The Team: Fabrication Manager, Drive Coach



Anne Gilleland
Undergraduate Institution: Southern Methodist University
Anticipated Major: Accounting and Management Science
Current Interests And Activities: Intramural Sports; Clubs; Accounting
Future Plans: Work
Roles While On The Team: Control System Manager; Chairmans Award Presenter
Favorite FRC Experience: Worlds

Benji Lin 
Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Casey Currey-Wilson 
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Anticipated Major: Film and Computer Science
Current Interests: Filmmaking; Photography; Running (Cross-Country and Track)
Future Plans: Get a job in computer animation/VFX/anything relating to the technical aspects of the film industry, with the goal of eventually directing feature films.
Roles While On The Team: Co-Captain; Software Manager; Video Manager
Favorite FRC Experience: Winning the Oklahoma Regional

Eli Skeggs 
Undergraduate Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Eve Lowenstein 
Undergraduate Institution: Lewis & Clark College

Keegan McCarthy 
Undergraduate Institution: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Arizona
Anticipated Major: Aerospace Engineering
Current Interests And Activities: Building Rockets; Building and Selling Lasers
Future Plans: Air Force Pilot
Roles While On The Team: Engineer Manager, 3 years; Drive Team, 4 years (Pilot, 2 years)
Favorite FRC Experience: Atlanta Georgia Championship

Marina Dimitrov 
Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University
Anticipated Major: Undeclared (maybe Bio-mechanical Engineering or similar)
Current Interests And Activities: Besides just having a good time and learning a lot in college. I've joined the Stanford Robotics Club, Science Bus, Birdwatching Club, Challah-Baking club , and some other things.
Future Plans: For now, I'm planning on grad school and beyond - ultimately I'm really interested in bio-mimicry (e.g. robotic fish)
Roles While On The Team: Co-Captain; Outreach + Marketing Manager
Favorite FRC Experience: While getting to visit Dean's house and FIRST HQ for my Dean's List award was pretty awesome, I'd really have to say that my favorite times with 1540 were all the things we achieved as a team - from setting up for BunnyBots at 9PM to receiving Chairman's in Oklahoma and Oregon.

Mark Van Bergen 
Undergraduate Institution: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Arizona
Anticipated Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Current Interests And Activities: Member of the Embry-Riddle Jet Dragster Team. Roller Derby Referee. Aeronautical Engineering Student.
Future Plans: Become an Aeronautical Engineer at a small groundbreaking corporation.
Roles While On The Team: Mechanical Manager and Pit Crew Lead
Favorite FRC Experience: Winning Oklahoma in 2012 

Naomi Iverson 
Undergraduate Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder

Owen Chapman 
Undergraduate Institution: Pomona College

Tucker Gordon
Undergraduate Institution: Bowdoin College
Anticipated Major: Undecided
Current Interests And Activities: Undecided in my major, but very interested in statistics and computer science
Future Plans: Work in the front office of a professional baseball team. I hope to intern with one at some point during the next couple of years, and I would be doing the same thing that I did for the Flaming Chicken: scouting.
Roles While On The Team: Co-captain; Competitive Analysis Manager; Drive Coach; Fabrication; Chairman's; Video
Favorite FRC Experience: There is no experience like going to the World Championship. It's unreal.


Alex Liem
Undergraduate Institution: Montana State University
Anticipated Major: Mechanical Engineering; Honors Program (possibly transferring)
Current Interests And Activities: Into multi-rotor aircraft design.
Future Plans: After college, get a few years of work experience then go to graduate school.
Roles While On The Team: Mechanical, Video, and Electrical
Favorite FRC Experience: 2012 FRC Championships

Mint Tienpasertkij
Undergraduate Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology
Anticipated Major: Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineering Technology
Current Interests And Activities: Baja SAE Team; cost reduction projects; work on research projects
Future Plans: Hopefully get a co-op with Boeing/Lockheed Martin on jet manufacturing; Patent new technologies; Invent a breakthrough/revolutionary product.
Roles While On The Team: Mechanical Engineer (fab/design)
Favorite FRC Experience: Bunnybot R&D season; World champs, meeting awesome teams; Entire build season experience


Anthony Eden
Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern California (transferred from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Anticipated Major: Mathematics and Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: Research in Program Analysis; Operating Systems; Cryptography.
Future Plans: Graduate School
Roles While On The Team: Co-Captain; Software Manager; Driver
Favorite FRC Experience: Competing in Atlanta; Driving; Late-night Coding with Teammates.

Henry Gordon
Undergraduate Institution: Carleton College
Anticipated Major: Political Science
Current Interests And Activities: Political Activism; Student Leadership; Ultimate Frisbee
Future Plans: Plans on graduating from college and saving the world.
Roles While On The Team: Design Team leader, marketing manager, chairmans presenter, spokesperson, and co-captain in 2011
Favorite FRC Experience: Coming out of nowhere to win the Denver regional as the 4th seed alliance in 2010. Being one of the first Dean's List finalists was also pretty great.

Lynne Stracovsky
Undergraduate Institution: Queen's University

Rohisha Adke
Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University

Anticipated Major: Mathematical and Computer Science, Ethics in Society
Current Interests And Activities: Sociology, ethics in society, changing the food and healthcare systems.
Roles While On The Team: Co-President; Chairman's Department Manager; Fabrication Department Manager
Favorite FRC Experience: Starting the Girls' Generation Annual Competition



Ben Streb
Undergraduate Institution: Rensselear Polytechnic Institute

Brynmor Chapman
Undergraduate Institution: University of Oxford
Major: BA Mathematics and Computer Science
PhD.: Stanford; Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: Violin and Soccer
Future Plans: Near Future: Trip to supermarket to find something to cook for supper. Distant Future: Hopefully tenure, then retirement.
Roles While On The Team: Tried a little bit of everything, except Marketing.
Favorite FRC Experience: Building 'Good Enough' (name) BunnyBot and then watching it accidentally eat the bunnies and fail in other entertaining way, but it did do some things right.

Devyn Powell
Undergraduate Institution: Tufts University

Kalifa Clarke
Undergraduate Institution: Smith College
Major: Engineering
Current Interests And Activities: Currently a Smith college tour guide; Participating in some clubs: Engineers without Borders, National Society of Black Engineers, Smith African and Caribbean Students Association, and Act Now: HIV/AID Peer Educators.
Future Plans: Go to graduate school for Ph.D in biomedical engineering.
Roles While On The Team: Manager in Control Systems
Favorite FRC Experience: Making it to Championship because it showed all of our hard work had paid off.

Kevin Ellis
Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major: Physics
Current Interests And Activities: Research in machine learning and cognitive science.
Future Plans: Graduate school
Roles While On The Team: Coding
Favorite FRC Experience: Coding. Driving with teammates, coding late at night with Anthony.

Yale Fan
Undergraduate Institution: Harvard University


Brad Bourque
Undergraduate Institution: Williamette University
Major: English
Current Interests And Activities: Programming and Writing
Future Plans: Graduate school (still deciding)
Roles While On The Team: Drive Team Captain; Fabrication Manager
Favorite FRC Experience: Meeting Steve Wozniak at Nationals, and winning the Oregon regional 8-0 in elimination rounds.

Caroline Hooper
Undergraduate Institution: Loras College
Major: Religious Studies and Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: President of the Loras Chapter of ACM, the Computer Science club; teach 10th grade Catholic religious education class; work at the Heitkamp Planetarium giving shows for 1st-8th grade school groups and the general public; on the retreat team for several college and high school retreats; involved with other Campus Ministry projects.
Future Plans: Combining my love for being actively involved in my Catholic faith with Computer Science knowledge.
Roles While On The Team: Control Systems and Fabrication
Favorite FRC Experience: The energy of the competitions and seeing all those weeks of hard work pay off for the most part, as well as getting to go to the championship in Atlanta two years in a row.

Christina Fillmore
Undergraduate Institution: Villanova University

Collin Perkinson
Undergraduate Institution: Reed College
Major: Candidate for Bachelor Science in Physics/Chemistry
Current Interests And Activities: Conducting senior thesis on the spectroelectrochemistry of nanocrystal quantum dots; Built underwater robots at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sea Grant last summer; Performing Zimbabwean music with the Supadupa Marimba Bros; Piano Trio, Orchestra, Choir, and a cappella voice ensemble; inventing board games.
Future Plans: Planning to take the next one to two years to travel elsewhere in the world and expand my experience in physics/chemistry and music. This may include performing music in Africa, conducting in Europe, or doing lab/engineering work elsewhere.
Roles While On The Team: Control Systems Manager, 2005-2007; Competitive Analysis Manager, 2007-2009; Chairman's Award Team, 2007-2009
Favorite FRC Experience: "Wow. It was all so good." - Collin Perkinson. Enjoyed talking with other teams at the competition, learning about their robot design, and strategizing.

Johnny Paige
Undergraduate Institution: Macalester College
Major: Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Minor: Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: Frisbee
Future Plans: PhD in Applied Mathematics or Statistics; Want to do mathematical modeling, preferably climate modeling.
Roles While On The Team: Software; Co-Captain
Favorite FRC Experience: Going to Atlanta.

Natalie Farci
Undergraduate Institution: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue
Major: BS Cognitive Sciences
Future Plans: Working in the Field of SEO; Law School in a Few Years.
Roles While On The Team: Marketing and Fabrication

Ryan Takahashi
Undergraduate Institution: Harvey Mudd College

Trevor Burtzos
Undergraduate Institution: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering
Current Interests And Activities: Manufacturing Processes
Future Plans: Engineer at NI.
Roles While On The Team: Design; Fabrication; Drive Team; Team Captain
Favorite FRC Experience: Winning the Oregon Regional for the first time in 2008.


Blair Stewart
Undergraduate Institution: Oberlin College
Current Interests And Activities: Work up at OHSU in Behavioral Neuroscience lab; Applying to graduate school; Join meet-up groups for board games, practicing Mandarin, other fun activities.
Future Plans: PhD in either Psychology or Neuroscience. May want to work abroad.
Roles While On The Team: Chairman's award writer/coordinator; Also subbed in as manager of competitive analysis for some tournaments our of town.
Favorite FRC Experience: Liked working on competitive analysis. Mostly just being able to sit back and enjoy the tournament after giving the chairman's award presentation.

Eric Montague
Undergraduate Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Major: Mechanical Engineering Major, Minor in Manufacturing Engineering
Current Interests And Activities: Even Production (sound and lights for concerts, shows, etc.), Photography, Prototyping and Fabricating Stuff, Ham Radio
Future Plans: Find a job
Roles While On The Team: 2006-2007: Design/Fabrication and Drive Team (Mecanum operator); 2007-2008: Captain, Design/Fabrication and Drive Team (Mecanum operator)
Favorite FRC Experience: Winning the Oregon regional in 2008 was pretty awesome, and our trip to San Diego in 2007 with a 5 member team and getting Motorola Quality award for the fact that we essentially had the drive team both running and fixing the robot with no support was pretty good, too.

Max Schwarz
Undergraduate Institution: Portland State University
Major: Bachelor's in Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: Hacking and Biking
Future Plans: More hacking and biking
Roles While On The Team: Programmer, manager of the Software department senior year.
Favorite FRC Experience: Going to Atlanta

Sam Estrem
Undergraduate Institution: Lawrence University
Anticipated Major: Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: Swing Dancing and Programming
Future Plans: Master and/or PhD. Continue job for real world experience.
Roles While On The Team: Fabrication
Favorite FRC Experience: Leading all the mascots in a dance to Cotton Eye Joe in the flaming chicken suit at the state competition.


Jing Tao Liu
Undergraduate Institution: Grinnell College

Joe DeBlasio
Undergraduate Institution: Harvey Mudd College
Major: BSc in Computer Science
Masters: Computer Science, UC San Diego
Ph.D.: Computer Science, UC San Diego
Current Interests And Activities: Computer security, and making the computer systems more friendly and usable. And of course, robotics!
Roles While On The Team: Software Leader, 2005-2007; Web Manager, 2005-2007; Team Captain, 2007.
Favorite FRC Experience: The moment 1540 first won the Chairman's Award. We had never won it before and completely didn't expect it. We went from disappointment to over-the-moon excited in the time it took for us to understand the announcer.

Kelsey Yocum
Undergraduate Institution: Scripps College
Major: Environmental Analysis
Masters: PSU, Publishing
Post Graduate: Hackbright Academy (women's software engineering program)
Current Interests And Activities: Learning to be a software engineer at Hackbright Academy, 10-intensive software development program for women.
Future Plans:  Work in tech as a front-end developer 
Roles on Team: Control Systems, Marketing Manager
Favorite FRC Experience: Going on our first-ever trip to nationals! We had no idea what we were in for, but we had a blast!

Lucas Baker
Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University
Major: Computer Science

Maggie Faber
Undergraduate Institution: University of Puget Sound
Major: BA in Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture and English Literature
Current Interests And Activities: Videoblogging
Future Plans: Currently working at an academic press in Colorado, and hoping to stay in at least the general vicinity of Publishing career.
Roles While On The Team: The Chicken; Marketing
Favorite FRC Experience: Atlanta

Tom Conerly
Undergraduate Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Computer Science
Current Interests And Activities: Competes in programming contest; Soccer; Ultimate Frisbee; Programmer at Facebook
Future Plans: Working in software in the bay area for the foreseeable future.
Roles While On The Team: Co-manager in software. Coach of the drive team.
Favorite FRC Experience: Coaching the drive team at the San Diego regional


Collin Strid
Undergraduate Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Current Interests And Activities: Play with robots; Project Manager and Programming for a robotic integrator in New York.
Future Plans: Current project at home: home rolled arduino based servo controller to convert a mill to CNC. Side project: using a sheeva-plug + one wire sensors to monitor power usage, pipe into web server.
Roles While On The Team: Design Team, 2005; Team Captain, 2006
Favorite FRC Experience: Showing Dale a sensor bracket we designed instead of hacked, bent, hammered, and drilled out. For 2005, things were pretty inexact: "Just make it work" could have been the team motto. 2006, we definitely applied many lessons learned though we still didn't use much CAD - I think we had Sam Vogt roughly sketch out the robot in blender.

Kaitlyn Linehan
Undergraduate Institution: University of Oregon


Joy Perkinson
Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major: Materials Science and Engineering; Ph.D: Harvard, applied physics (in progress)
Current Interests And Activities: Jiu Jitsu; Live Action Roleplaying; Skiing; Hiking
Future Plans: Finish getting Ph.D
Roles While On The Team: Control Systems Lead; Team Captain; Coach on the Drive Team
Favorite FRC Experience: Getting comfortable with wires; pneumatic systems; quick robot troubleshooting